Folding/Rising Bollard

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Bollards effectively control vehicle traffic and deter vehicular threats .

Retractable Bollards
Retractable /telescoping bollards can be retracted fully below ground, eliminating the need for additional storage and labor to remove and transport detachable bollards. When retracted, there is no obstruction or tripping hazards.

A key-locking mechanism makes for quick and easy adjustments between extended and retracted positions.

 Folding/Retractable Bollard PH500 

  • Suitable for high security but low frequency access control.

  • Extends to 750mm above ground

  • Supplied with 2 keys as standard

Standard Description

Dimension Weight Materials    Surface
Above ground

Under ground
        27KG steel tube & steel plate Power coated & hot dip galvanized

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Warranty Information
This product comes with a 1 year warranty as standard

DEM and ODM orers are available

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